It’s becoming increasingly obvious to those in the know that under-investment in IT and Telecom infrastructures can result in a competitive disadvantage. From losing you leads to keeping you from delivering advanced products and services, the drawbacks of poor technology are endless.

The five solutions listed below are successfully utilized by the most successful businesses across industry lines. How does your company’s infrastructure compare?


  1. Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Systems
    Having a hosted, managed VoIP solution in your back pocket can make your team more productive. By connecting your phones through your internet connection, you allow for the possibility of online meetings and messaging, as well as the ability to stay in touch with your team wherever they are.
  2. IP Network Management
    Hiring a team of experts to manage your IP network will ensure that your processes are configured for optimal performance. This improves business continuity, allows for better quality assurance practices, and enables you to customize your cloud portfolio. With expert IT advisors on your side, your infrastructure will never be in over its head.
  3. IT Consulting
    Analyzing areas of poor performance and addressing the drawbacks of your current infrastructure is easy when you have a dedicated team of technological consultants working for the benefit of your organization. Because consultants are dedicated to coming up with the best solution for your unique business model, they can both lower your costs and help you identify potential areas of growth!
  4. Employee Training
    Even if your company utilizes the most state-of-the-art IT/telecom solutions, you won’t be getting the most bang for your buck unless the entire team knows how to use what you’ve paid for. Scheduling company-wide training will increase the likelihood that your employees are taking advantage of the services your IT/telecom infrastructure offers. Whether this involves instructing your customer service agents in the use of your CRM or training your sales team on the best way to access infrastructure from their mobile phones, making every effort possible to provide high-quality training is critical for your success.
  5. Application Integration
    Are you outsourcing various elements of your infrastructure to a variety of different companies? Because the name of the game in the current technological climate is integration, this could be hurting your organization. When your applications are connected, each becomes more powerful and an organizational intelligence that can provide valuable insight begins to emerge.


How did you score?

If your company’s infrastructure isn’t currently 5/5, you may need to take another look at your current IT/telecom provider. In today’s data-driven world, holding onto poor technology can easily cost you the sales you need to maintain a thriving business.

Sonoran Integrations would love to help you improve your infrastructure. We utilize the most reliable, flexible, and intuitive business communications solutions available, including the five mentioned above, so you can feel confident that you will be at the height of competitive advantage when you work with us. If you’re interested in scheduling a demo with our knowledgeable IT team, just give us a call!

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