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Whether a small operation or an international enterprise, businesses of all size depend on customer satisfaction and retention. Your company’s reputation and repeat business is determined by your customer’s experience, An excellent experience will not only open the door to more sales, but will also lead to good reviews and an expanded customer base.

Having the right call center technology in place is essential to making every interaction count.

The right contact center solution can make it easy to:

  • Optimize your staff and technology resources

  • Improve response times

  • Route calls effectively and efficiently

  • Access important data

  • Simplify interactions for customers and staff

  • Record and archive calls

  • Automate reports to improve productivity

Sonoran Integrations is here to help you find the right customer contact solutions for your business. With a variety of platform and deployment options available, we can find the solution that fits your needs.

Flexible Contact Center Deployment Options


Cloud contact centers offer highly secure, scalable solutions that can be used for one or multiple sites. Hosted cloud deployment models can be purchased or payed for as a service. You don’t even have to bother with equipment maintenance or updates – they happen automatically and without any downtime.

Voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook and Twitter and more can all be supported with an integrated customer interaction database.


Onsite deployments are a perfect fit for large enterprises that require greater control, business process integration and customization.

Easy to manage and maintain, onsite contact centers can be customized to integrate with your existing systems. Thhsi gives you a truly tailored solution that you house, manage, and maintain.


Hybrid can provide the best of both worlds, allowing your business to add cloud-based contact center services to your onsite unified communications (UC) system.

Hybrid options will work well for businesses that have chosen to maintain onsite control of their business telephony, yet want to deploy a very nimble, quickly scalable contact center solution.

Cutting-Edge Voice, Video and Web Solutions

Contact center and call center solutions provide multi channel routing, real-time reporting, and interaction recording with top notch security. Enhance every customer interaction when you are able to view of the customer’s preferences, route them to the right person, record every interaction and connect those interactions to account records, and keep your customer data secure.

Available Features

Multi-Channel Routing

Route every customer interaction quickly to the right channel and the right agents, regardless of their location.

Channel Pivot

Enable agents to respond and engage across different channels, including public to private channels.

Rapid Deployment

Empower users to make critical adjustments easily in just minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Powerful Integration

Leverage our open API framework for seamless CRM and third-party application integration.

Security and Reliability

We exceed multiple industry security standards and uptime SLAs to bring something more to your business.


Save money by only paying for the bandwidth and infrastructure that you actually use each month.

On-Demand Scability

Scale up and down instantly to seamlessly support even extremely large spikes in contact center volume.

Continuous Innovation

Benefit from ongoing product enhancements enabled by our true multi-tenant cloud solution.

Workforce Management

Optimize your resources with intelligently responsive reporting and scheduling capabilities


Contact Center solutions provide integrated portals that give agents a holistic, streamlined way to connect with today’s multi-channel and social customers. Open one screen and connect with your customers via phone, web chat, social media and more.

Contact Sonoran Integrations for more information and to find out which deployment model is right for your business.

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