The name of the customer service and sales game today is integrations. When your applications and CRM, ERP or ATS are fused together, each becomes more powerful, employees become more productive and better organization intelligence starts to emerge. No user should be an island where they stand alone. Everything and everyone becomes an integral part of your organization’s technology ecosystem.

In today’s data driven world, users of technology expect to be able to do more. Your systems must be linked together and able to provide valuable insight into the health of the organizations and client interactions. Your systems should help you in optimizing staffing levels, evaluating employee performance, analyzing marketing spend and understand client behavior. Just like with mobile devices, it is not what your systems can do that makes them “smart,” it’s what they know and can provide access to!

Integration allows you to utilize applications, software, programs, and services your business needs and tie them seamlessly together. Creating a “single pane of glass” to access all your technology and communications increases speed and easeof use.

Below are just some of the programs we can integrate for your company:

  • Salesforce

  • Outlook

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • HubSpot

  • Work Force Management: TeleStrat

  • InContact

  • Dvs Analytics

  • Interactive Intelligence

  • Lifesize

  • Xima / Chronicall

  • Vertafore’s AMS360

  • Desktop dialing: click-to-dial functionality from most desktop Windows applications including Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoing and Notepad

  • Google’s G Suite apps

  • Net Suite

  • Bullhorn

  • MaxSuite

  • Job Diva

  • Evo

  • Sendouts

  • PC Recruiters

  • Webhire

  • Zendesk


  • Web dialing: click-to-dial functionality from: IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers

Benefits of Integration: Streamline Your Operations

Service and Support

  • Receive inbound “screen pops” derived from Caller ID, which show such relevant information as customer data, recent tickets, cases, orders, etc.

  • View patient or client records at a glance with inbound or outbound calls


  • Rapidly click-to-dial leads directly from an application

  • Tag calls with customized wrap-up codes

  • Take notes while on a call, which along with the call record, are automatically added to the application after the call

  • Follow-up tasks can be created directly from the phone call


  • Tie marketing phone numbers to campaigns

  • Staff can be presented with “screen pops” indicating which campaign was dialed

  • ROI can be calculated for campaigns


  • Increase outbound calls by using click-to-dial from leads and opportunities

  • Take notes while on a sales call and have the notes automatically tied to the lead or opportunity

  • Follow-up tasks can be created directly from the phone call


  • Make more collection calls via click-to-dial

  • Automatically log each call as a permanent record


  • Staff can utilize detailed phone-based metrics to calculate customer profitability, determine leading indicators, and enable better planning

  • Optimize use of employees through workforce managment by receiving reports on busy times

  • Manage staff schedules, including breaks, shifts and time off while tying into production reports

Knowledge is Power

Resources to Make Intelligent decisions
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