ShoreTel and Mitel are now one!

Connect is an innovative, breakthrough business communications platform offering cloud, onsite and hybrid deployment options. Originally created and offered by ShoreTel, Connect is now owned and backed by Mitel’s renown support and service. Powered by the leader in Unified Communications (UC), Mitel Connect is Unified Communications at its best.


Sonoran Integrations is a proud partner in offering this platform as the flexible, highly customizable choice for modern, evolving businesses.



You as the business owner maintain and control the implementation.

With ONSITE, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), highly dynamic integration opportunities, and more opportunities for customization all benefits you can potentially receive.

Before taking this approach, however, consider that it is highly recommended you have a high quality network storage infrastructure in place as well as a highly trained staff and success record when it comes to deploying, maintaining, customizing, and upgrading your on-premise solutions. Sonoran Integrations can also assist with many of these necessary requirements for clients who wish to stay onsite.



This approach clients access to a fully-hosted, cloud-only solution.

Cloud solutions are the future. For Connect, that means a greater emphasis on supporting multiple locations and remote workers and a simple and reliable path for platform upgrades, among other benefits.

Typically, this approach works well for clients who wish to avoid higher-cost upfront implementations and/or who lack the technical infrastructure to support ongoing customizations and/or onsite upgrades. Further, Connect CLOUD is built on a highly secure, state-of-the-art architecture designed to promote reliable access from anywhere at any time.



Going hybrid allows for a combination of onsite and cloud-based features.

Connect HYBRID combines the immediacy and convenience of managed service subscriptions delivered via the cloud with the solid performance and control of an on-premises system deployment. The result is a flexible, adaptable and strategic approach to unified communications system deployment. Each Connect HYBRID deployment model offers particular benefits; all rely on Connect’s single platform to ensure operational consistency in every situation.

Why Choose Connect?

Greater business flexibility and customer insights, heightened workforce productivity, and lower IT operating costs for your organization. These are just some of the benefits of choosing Connect as your platform of choice and Sonoran Integrations as your integration partner.

Want to learn more about the features of Connect?  Considering an upgrade? Learn more about the platform here.

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