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When it comes to unified communications (UC), Sonoran Integrations offers implementation support for today’s leading cloud based and on-premise solutions. Our goal? To go beyond traditional telephony in our effort to support the multi-faceted needs of today’s customers, who expect fast, reliable service via telephone, email, video conference, and social media.

It’s for these reasons that we partner with quality brands and providers (in addition to our own expert-led services and IT-based monitoring solutions) to bring you the best, most economical solutions available today, including the leading cloud-based solutions available today.


Sonoran Integrations is dedicated to our clients. We are constantly searching the market for the best communication solutions. One of the fastest growing sectors in communication is conferencing capabilities across your own company or with other companies. Customer needs usually fall into two categories with some overlap: web & video.

Sonoran Integrations offers services that enable video & web conference solutions that will change the way you think about conferencing. Video is in high definition, with low bandwidth consumption. Easy to use software helps you get the most out of the engagement, including presentation sharing as well as web & video control across multiple assets: computers, smartphones, and tablets!


Sonoran Integrations is devoted to connecting clients to the right technology systems for their business. Organizations like call centers, healthcare, financial services, public safety, direct consumers, and telecom industries have a need for documentation of voice just like written records. We will help you design a system that will integrate voice and screen documentation within your existing documentation platform and give you the capability to:

  • Record 100% of communications

  • PCI and HIPAA compliant recording

  • Selective recording for quality management

  • Dual-monitor screen recording

Sonoran focuses on easy to use systems that can save you from risk and liability. Customizable search features as well as CRM integrations make it easy to search for any data you can collect while tying activity to performance!


Sonoran Integrations technology solutions team is willing to provide phone system maintenance on your existing systems. If you are a business owner or a manager, you may not have the time to troubleshoot your phone system. Our experts are able to fix your phone systems from brands including:

  • Toshiba

  • Avaya

  • Nortel

  • NEC

  • ShoreTel

  • Mitel

  • & more!

If you need phone system maintenance, contact us at (888) 348-3040 or email service@sonoranintegrations.com to schedule an appointment right away.

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At Sonoran Integrations, we believe in making educated and informed decisions, so we’ve gathered and created relevant and helpful resources to cut through the information overload and zero in on what will truly be helpful to you. Invest with confidence, and use our resources to save yourself and your company both time and money.

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