Competition is fierce in today’s economy, and your customers are too busy to give you a second chance.

People expect the highest level of care and communication these days, and if that’s not what they experience when they reach out to your company… well, they have no problem taking their business elsewhere.

Savvy decision makers know this, and they know it’s vital for their entire staff to be reachable, professional and customer-focused at all times – no matter what, no matter where, and no matter when.

If excellent service is your business model, take 5 minutes to make sure your current communication system is the right one to reach this goal.

Use the checklist below to evaluate if your business communication system gives your customers the experience they expect. Any items NOT checked off may signal that you could be getting more out of your phone system, and that someone else may be getting YOUR customers.

 Availability and Professionalism

  • Customers can access your sales staff anytime and anywhere, with mobile capabilities that direct incoming office calls to be received on your sales staff’s mobile phones.
  • Outbound calls look professional, coming from the main company number, even when your employees are using their smartphones or other mobile devices.
  • Customer focus is enhanced by integrating your Outlook and CRM tools with your phone system to track conversation history with your client.
  • Employee productivity is increased by merging call records with customer records to improve sales trending projections and staffing optimization.


Mitel Customer Service.png

Employee Productivity

  • Employees can bring their own device and integrate it with your phone network.
  • Teamwork is made easy with voice and video calling, instant messaging and desktop sharing.
  • Employees feel secure that voice and data are safe, even in public hot spots.

Cost Effectivene$$

  • Ongoing administration, such as adding a new employee, is easy vs. labor intensive.
  • Local support is available to train your staff to use features that improve the customer experience.
  • You have the option of outsourcing your phone system management to an experienced local company.  

Ok, now total up your check marks. How did you do?

See which category you fall into below:

8-10: Way to go!

If you scored an 8-10, congratulations! You have permission to take the rest of the day off. 

You’re using your business communications system to improve your customers’ experience as they         work with you. You are utilizing the latest available features to maximize your potential. 

5-7: Pretty good, but a few improvements would make it great…

If you scored a 5-7, there may be some phone system features you can use to improve your company’s competitive positioning, as well as your employee and customer experience. A simple complimentary account review with one of our consultants will reveal what your options are, and what it will take to bring your service to a higher level.

0-5: Stop what you’re doing and call us immediately!

If you scored less than 5, it’s time for a serious makeover…. and we want to help!

It is crucial to your present and future business viability that your communication system is addressed. Incorporating a few current business communication capabilities will help your employees to be more reachable, professional and customer-focused.  Putting this off means business lost. Buyers can find a replacement for your company’s services with a simple tap of their finger.


You want your employees to function effectively while improving company productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. Your phone system should help you do all that – and boost your competitive advantage. Find out how a unified communications system can get you there.

If you’d like to discuss your phone system’s capabilities and see what’s possible for your business, give us a call at: 888-348-3040, or fill out a request form here and we’ll call you.