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We get it- you’re a forward-thinking leader with a business to run. Your hands are full keeping an eye on everything from day-to-day company operations to big-picture strategy and long-term goals.

With all of this going on, your company’s phones may seem like the least important factor in your business plan.

Really, do phones even matter anymore?

As long as you have a phone and it’s working, isn’t that all you need?

Here are some reasons why phones do matter…. a lot… and why every business needs to carefully consider their phone system and how it may be affecting their profits and business growth.


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1. Calls = Cash

Repeat after me: no calls means no money. 

Take a minute and think about that.

If customers can’t get through to you, they can’t give their money to you.  If you have under-valued and under-invested in your communication system, you may be missing an unknown number of calls and customers. 

Do you know how many calls your current lines can handle?                                                                          

What happens when several calls come in at the same time?

How many new customers are you missing out on? 



2. Good phones = good customers 

 Not all phones are created equal.  

The type of phone you’re using can mean the difference between making money or losing money.  Some phones can only detect a small range of sounds, while others cover all the possible octaves in a human voice.  If you’re not sure why this would matter, think back to a time when you had to keep repeating yourself to the person on the other end of the phone line.  Not fun, is it?

What happens if you buy a budget phone that doesn’t pick up Mr. Big’s bass voice and you can’t understand his voicemail?  Or how about when Miss Mini with her high tones tries to place an order, but your phones can’t detect her voice when she provides her credit card number?

Having a high-quality phone can mean the difference between a happy customer who promotes your company, or an irate customer who can’t understand why your receptionist can’t get their name right.


3. Accessibility = Viability

When people want to reach you, they want to reach you NOW.

Whether it’s a simple question or a customer service issue, you need to make sure that your company is completely accessible. Does your company take phones call and do online business? Most do, but not all have considered that their internet might be competing with their phone lines, and keeping valuable calls from coming through. That’s right. You might be paying for a phone service that is being blocked by all the people watching online cat videos right now.

Ensure you have considered all the ways your company needs to communicate and operate, and have a communication plan in place that won’t sabotage any one of them.  


 So, do phones matter?

Here’s the bottom line: phones are a determining factor in your company’s bottom line.


Accessibility and good customer service is a recipe for business success, and phones are a crucial ingredient. It’s well worth the time to take a look at whether your business is being helped or hindered by your phones.

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