the-attack-of-the-clonesIt’s no secret that the best way to keep a customer, is to keep them happy.  Today technology has evolved along with customer expectations.  Now as a leader in your organization your role has grown to include a vast number of other responsibilities.  You can’t just walk the floor of your office with your coffee mug to monitor and evaluate the state of activity within the organization.

Today’s leaders wear numerous hats.  It varies from one organization to another but in many cases on top of normal day to day, expected work load, leaders are being asked to:

  • Oversee scheduling
  • Analyze data and construct reports
  • Update and maintain best practices processes and other internal-facing collateral
  • Monitor personnel records (e.g. vacation days, work attendance)
  • Make sure all procedural requirements are being met

All this is being expected of our leading resources within our organizations in an ever expanding mobile, remote and social workforce.  It’s very daunting to be held accountable for representatives you may not see on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis! Never the less, training and supervision translate into excellent customer service, revenue growth, and a stellar organizational reputation.

You have to make sure your technology is not holding you back from taking advantage of every teachable moment. Can your systems even identify to you or show you these teachable moments in real time? Do you have reports and metrics on how your associates are collaborating when they are out of the office? Can you enable them to work on any device, in any location, securely?  Do you have the ability to lead them with automated coaching and training delivered at the touch of a button as their leader?

We have not worked out all the moral, ethical or technical problems of cloning, but Sonoran Integrations can help you make the most out of your collaborative and required business applications to get you connected to your organization no matter where you are, or what device you are accessing the information from.  You can get your job done, while providing leaders in your organization transparency on how you are fulfilling your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly obligations.  We can help you LOOK GOOD, quickly, simply and with no capital outlay.




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