The telecom hardware industry is in a state of change. It has been for over 17 years. When this change initially started, over a two year span, twenty-three telecom companies shut down. This included WorldCom – the giant of the industry at the time. In the last few years, more telecom providers have shut down.

This year (2017) Avaya, the business telecom company, has filed for Chapter 11 and is being forced to reorganize.  The company provided hardware, call center solutions, and provided telecom services (such as Voice over IP – VoIP).  Its strategy was to focus on business telecom solutions, but they were slow to adapt; like many other companies that were either unable to adapt, or refused to do so. In fact those that HAVE survived have done so because they continually reinvest into researching new delivery methods; new solutions that improve their customers’ experience and innovative in ways that that encourage adoption.

Rate of Development

As an industry, certain sectors of the telecommunication industry have been slow to adapt. It’s understandable that there’s a certain amount of legacy infrastructure holding back the advancement of technology, but cloud technologies and services are more able to adapt and outpace the aging legacy infrastructure.  

Innovation must be pushed. New solutions built AROUND and FOR the cloud are increasingly prevalent. Cloud and Adaptable Premise focused telecom companies have the ability to deploy software solutions could be developed and pushed in a matter of hours instead of the yearlong (or decade-long) turnaround times for some hardware-focused telecom solutions.


New revenue streams must be found

Rather than found – new revenue streams need to be created or reimagined from other industries. Imagine if your router hosted an app store that provided apps to every device that connects to it. The idea is somewhat unfeasible with current technology levels, but it takes this kind of disruptive change to bring an industry out of the doldrums of financial failure. Suddenly, with their own app store, developers would come to them. End users wouldn’t have to frequent Google, Apple, Windows, Steam, or any other app delivery platform. Are these concepts in motion? They are indeed – Nimble companies are adapting to the use of data centers and innovative solutions. Solutions in the cloud have shown that adaptation is the key and has proven to be an effective telecommunications platform.

How is this relevant to you? As a company in need of telecom solutions, it is important that you understand which companies are leading the pack. Or, you need a trusted partner who can show you the way.


Slow down the churn

The act of dropping one telecom solution for another is called churning. Churn is expensive.

Naturally, as non adaptable companies shut down, churn will drop. It is similar to when PC based phone systems were the hot item. Everyone came out of the woodwork making PC based phone systems., Today none are in existence. When customers invest in a solid platform that is adaptable either in a premise solution or a cloud based solution, the likelihood that they are stuck with obsolete equipment is minimal.

Consistency, uptime, and technology that’s constantly up to date also slows churn. We prove that every day with the solutions that Sonoran Integrations recommend to our customers. By allowing for updates that are quick to implement and will only have minimal impact while we keep your service up to date and on the latest technology software.


Connecting, with Sonoran

At Sonoran Integrations, we’re here for you. We understand where the Telecommunications Market is going. Once a Toshiba dealer, we saw the handwriting on the wall when they were not able to adapt to the changing market. ShoreTel, on the other hand, is nimble. Making changes ahead of the curve and listening to their partners and customers. Known to be “Brilliantly Simple” they provide solutions that improve the customer experience and are not so complex to use that they sit on the sidelines. Sonoran continually looks to market leaders and the market providing innovative solutions that will help our customers improve their work day experience. We are your advocate!

Our Connect communication platform is an example of highly flexible, quickly deployable solution that we have developed for all types of business needs. It can be ONSITE by managing your own premise based system, in the cloud with using Connect Cloud technology, or a hybrid solution a mix of both !!  – it’s as flexible as you need! Either way, it lowers any business’ costs both up front and long term maintenance.

Learn more about how the cloud is disrupting and improving the telecom landscape today, with us, at Sonoran Integrations.

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