You may have realized that your IT & Communications systems are no longer working for your growing business.  So you do what any savvy business person does – you research your options. And you quickly comprehend that what you need are solutions that will minimize disruptions to your business and extend ‘in the office’ feel to your mobile workforce, all at a reasonable cost.  Most importantly, you want to be able to control how you use, manage and pay for these services over the long term.

Control over care

If you like the idea of being able to control how and when you complete a system upgrade, and determine who administers changes to your systems, then onsite equipment may be right for your business.  Onsite hardware gives you physical control of your systems. You have the ability to determine when you want to make system changes and upgrades. Sonoran Integrations can help or totally manage the nuts and bolts of these types of systems for you, allowing your specialized IT team to take care of specialized processes unique to your own business.  We can walk you through this type of deployment and see if sticking with the standard is right for you.

Control over custody

What is your ownership preference?  If you have a certain comfort level when the assets you buy are sitting under your roof, onsite equipment will give you complete custody of the equipment. Simply put, you own it. This type of investment can create a future benefit for your business by reducing long-term system costs while increasing the book value of your company.  With onsite systems, you don’t necessarily have to commit to large capital outlays. The financial decision of leasing, renting or buying is up to you.  Sonoran Integrations has financial partners that can give you multiple options. When you own equipment, you have ultimate control over the asset. You decide how you spend money on the care and maintenance, helping you control your costs in a way that makes sense for your business.  However, just because you own it, does not mean you need to administer it.  Sonoran Integrations can give you options that allow for different levels of control with extreme transparency.

Control over administration

The control over administration of onsite systems (in Communications for example) means it can be made to work with other onsite applications you already own, while minimizing business disruptions. If you’ve built your own custom applications that you want to integrate elsewhere, you can do that. Sonoran Integrations will help you with the nuts and bolts of integrating applications you have purchased, developed or customized.  Your own highly trained IT team can focus on those applications while we keep the lights on.  This allows you to keep what you’ve already built and connect it with solutions that offers you more control & mobility without affecting your users’ productivity or your customers’ experience.

Determining what’s right for your business

There are companies that want to move to the cloud. And there are other companies that want to maintain control of the assets they own. Allow us to help you consider your options with you, consider how allowing Sonoran to help manage your non-organization specific systems may allow you to focus control on your business specific applications.  We can help you create a plan for systems that minimize disruptions, integrate applications you’ve already customized and manage how you pay for the system.

Perhaps this blended solution will turn out the best  for your business.  Schedule a meeting with Sonoran and we can review how we can help you.




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