Rentals, leases, subscriptions, auto pay, auto ship, monthly memberships… it seems everywhere you turn these days someone is asking you to pay for something without really owning it.

While the subscription model is making products and services available to us that we might not have had access to before, there’s still something to be said for good old-fashioned ownership.

When making a decision to buy technology and communication systems or to rent them, purchasing is still a wise investment for many companies.

Here are 3 reasons to consider owning versus subscribing or renting your phones and communication technology:


1. Control Over Custody

If you have a certain comfort level when the assets you buy are sitting under your roof, an onsite phone system will give you complete custody of the equipment. Simply put, you own it. This type of investment creates a future benefit for your business by reducing long-term system costs while increasing the book value of your company.

Owning means you get to decide what to spend money on care, maintenance and growth, helping control costs in a way that makes sense for your business.

Does that mean you need all the money upfront?  Not necessarily.  Quality providers often offer payment options with a buyout at the end of the agreement.  .

Control AND a manageable payment plan…win-win.

2. Control Over Care

Imagine this: it’s your company’s busiest time of the week, but it’s also when your  software or phone carrier decides to perform a system maintenance upgrade, halting operations and causing loss of sales.        

Not ideal.

That doesn’t happen if you own the system. An onsite solution gives you physical control of your phone system. You have the ability to determine when you want to make system changes and upgrades.

 It also gives you the ability to manage moves, adds and changes as you need them. The system’s flexibility gives the administrator access from anywhere, meaning it’s a single image administration, no matter how many sites or locations you have.

Your business. Your system. Your decision.


 3. Control Over Administration

Already invested in multiple software programs and applications?  Simplify by integrating them. 

Owned onsite phone systems can integrate with many programs, applications, CRMs, EMRs, etc….creating a a harmonious and unified communications platform.  This gives you a unified communications strategy for the short and long term. The best part? You get to keep what you’ve already bought, built, developed, or customized and connect it with a phone system that adds additional business communications and collaboration capabilities, giving you more control without affecting your users’ productivity or your customers’ experience. 

So if you’ve already invested in applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Skype for Business, Salesforce and other CRM solutions, investing in a communication system can help you see a great return on investment by allowing you to utilize them even more easily and efficiently.


Intrigued? Let’s talk about whether an onsite phone system could be the right fit for you.



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