Chasing leads, making sales, collecting bills…what do all of these things have in common? In a commercial setting, they generally all take place over the phone. If you’re finding that these phone-centric transactions you and your employees are responsible for, are performing below par, there’s a good chance your telecom infrastructure is overdue for an upgrade.

We’ve put together a list of signs and symptoms that will help identify if your business is in dire need of a phone system upgrade. How many of these have you experienced on the job? You won’t believe how much outmoded technology can hold you back!

  1. Inflexibility of Access to Company Data
    In today’s business economy, it’s critical that your systems are “always on.” Employees need to be able to access company databases, CRM’s, and other data 24/7 in order to succeed. Communication and technology systems that require an employee to be behind a cubicle to access data are outdated and ineffective. Many users today are on the go, and needing their business communications to travel with them.
  2. Overinvestment in Phone System Maintenance
    How much time are you spending on maintaining your phone system? What does it cost your business when your outdated phone system is down? Do you have to manually install upgrades, pay multiple invoices to a variety of vendors, or scramble to troubleshoot performance issues? If so, your time is being wasted on an inefficient, outdated phone system. Current Business Telephone solutions are reliable. Whether on premise if you want to manage and perform your own updates, or in the cloud, where you let us manage it for you. Upgrading your system allows you, your employees, and your clients can spend time on important business — not on fixing your outdated systems.
  3. Lack of Integration with Company Systems
    When your Business Telephone system integrates with your existing CRM systems, it boosts your bottom line. If your Unified Communications System is completely separate from your CRM, ERP, and/or ATS, you’re missing the opportunity to maximize the intelligence of your IT infrastructure. An intelligent Business Telephone system that does integrate has a variety of benefits, including the opportunity to evaluate employee performance, the ability to train and coach employees, and the provision of data that allows you to analyze spending. Investing in a new phone system will let you put your phone to work for you!
  4. No Mobility Support
    No matter what type of company you’re running, today’s climate requires you to be able to contact clients and coworkers from everywhere. Whether you’re in line for an espresso or on an airplane en route to a business trip, being able to access your customer is critical. If you can’t transfer a call from a client to a different department without being behind your desk, it’s definitely time to upgrade your phone system.
  5. On-Site Only?
    Are you in the cloud? Cloud phone systems are a state-of-the-art innovation that keep companies current and competitive. Accessing upgrades and advances is easy when everything is implemented automatically via the Cloud!

So, how is your phone system looking? If your company is suffering from any of the above issues, you should strongly consider contacting Sonoran Integrations for an evaluation of your communication systems. From raising your bottom line to keeping your technology up-to-date with the latest advances, the benefits of modern phone systems are endless.

Sonoran Integrations would be happy to schedule an audit of your current infrastructure. We can help you determine what it is you’re lacking, and what sort of business applications will help drive your business. With an expert technology solutions provider behind you, there’s nothing your company can’t do. Give us a shout; telephone solutions from the top manufacturers are just a quick phone call away!