In mid-august, Drew Fitzgerald with, the Wall Street Journal reported on a number of malicious fiber optic cable cuts in the San Francisco area. These incidents can influenced bandwidth speeds and communication activities as mundane as Amazon purchases or more importantly 911 call routing. Case after case of these types of activities are reported each, day, month and year.  So many so, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been brought in to help track patterns and resolve issues in these attacks.

Interruptions like these can be premeditated, but service interruptions can come from multiple causes such as weather, construction and power outages.  It is the organizational duty of leaders in each area (operations, finance and technology) to help create processes, build solutions and have partners that enable your organization to succeed in the face of such adversity.

At Sonoran Integrations, we work with all levels of organizations to design processes that have built in redundancy, as well as planned business continuity.  We can help you enable a “work from anywhere” mentality with your communications, IT and carriers services that enable your end users to access any application or tool they need, from any location, on any devise, securely and reliably.

Check out some of our videos of these solutions and please feel free to schedule a meeting with our consultants.  We know these changes within an organization take time and cover multiple organizational units.




Our consultants have a long history of turning pain points into achievable bench marks for new solutions. Let us help you plan out a technology solution which lets you step simply and elegantly into the future, instead of falling flat on your face, all at once.