Any company prides itself on its stellar customer service. Whether its onboarding new customers or addressing an issue a current customer may be having, your employees understand the importance of making—and keeping—customers satisfied.

But the tools you use to interact with your customers are just as important as how you treat your customers. If they frequently experience dropped calls, clueless customer service reps or trouble connecting with your company, it won’t be long before those customers look to your competitors to conduct their business.

That’s why your technology and technical support is a critical component of your customer service strategy. With a mobile, in office feel, your employees can provide the best possible customer interaction no matter where they are.  Giving your employees secure, reliable access to the tools they need anywhere, will enable your customers to communicate easily with your company, anytime, for any reason.

Utilizing the benefits of the cloud (public or private) for your systems can advance your customer service even further, enabling your employees to offer a high-quality customer experience from any location using virtually any device.

Here are some ways cloud solutions can help improve customer relationships:

  • High Availability: Customers expect to be able to contact your company quickly and easily. Dropped dial tones and fuzzy connections don’t convey a professional image for your company. Customer Service reps not being able to access the systems they need to while on the phone, irritate customers. Cloud services can provide a reliable, high-quality experience, helping your company and your customers connect wit you with little to no downtime should the unexpected occur.  Plus Sonoran Integrations is managing the day to day operations… your staff doesn’t have to!

    Most of these solutions are hosted as a service.  Their brains are located offsite in data centers with redundant technology. That means even in the event of a disaster, your companys systems are still up and running—your employees can work from anywhere and communicate with customers using the full suite of capabilities available to them like they were in an office.

    If you want to go with a private cloud solution, Sonoran Integrations can still manage it for you, but you have purchased the solution as an asset.  We will still create the solution to work mobile‘y’ (We are IT… we can create new words).

  • On-Demand Customer Data: Taking it to the next level, we can help you integrate with a customer relationship management or business intelligence system.  By integrating your systems, we can provide employees with a comprehensive view of customer information. The information is brought up automatically no matter what type of interaction (email, calls, text messages), reducing the chance customers have to wait on hold, which can lessen the customer experience. Instead, employees can provide the highest quality care with no delay and no gaps in customer service.
  • Ability to Connect Anytime: Employees today like work where they want, when they want.This will have an impact on the way they do their jobs… it should make it better, not worse! Cloud systems anable your employees to work in a coffee shop, a hotel room, the airport — wherever they are — and have access to the same features they would if they were sitting at their desk in the office. They should not be hamstrung by basic functionality or limited customer data.

Cloud technology is changing the way businesses today interact with their customers, optimizing the customer experience to mutual benefit. Is your company ready to explore the benefits we can offer?




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