Every business, regardless of size or focus, relies on its communications & IT systems. Without reliable technology, the critical interaction between employee and customer can’t happen, which means your business won’t grow and thrive.

Do your employees have the ability to receive calls even when they’re away from their desk?  Do they have to use their own mobile phone numbers instead of their company caller ID? Are they able to collaborate with colleagues and customers at the touch of a button? Can they access customer information in your Relationship Management software and your custom business applications during a call from any device to close more sales and enhance the customer service experience?

Your communications & IT system can say a lot about your business. You don’t want to give your customers the wrong impression by having unreliable, immobile systems that limit your employee’s ability to do their job. In this day of instant gratification, when customers want answers immediately, simply having voice mail isn’t enough.

Small businesses can have enterprise-grade solutions at an SMB price point. Sonoran Integrations wants to help you create a solid mobile technology platform that fully integrates, and streamlines the way you access all your business & communications tools… no matter where you are or what device your accessing your work related information from.

We can help you design mobile solutions that allow your employee’s to work anywhere, connecting them seamlessly back into the office with voice, collaboration & video solutions.  Employee’s can access their own needed suite of business applications and virtual environments securely and reliable from any device.

Sonoran Integrations can help you mange onsite, cloud or hybrid deployments of technology to meet your company’s needs.

ONSITE SOLUTIONS: Are the perfect solution for companies with in-house IT departments that can handle the specialized management of custom applications that need advanced integration, such as customer relationship management, business intelligence applications or just custom software built over the life of the business. Because the system is in-house, your IT team has more control and can perform upgrades when it’s convenient to your company and Sonoran Integrations can keep your daily operations off the plate of your specialized IT staff.

CLOUD SOLUTIONS: If your company has a small number of employees, or if the majority of your employees work remotely, and you don’t have an onsite IT department, Sonoran Integrations can help guide you into a mobile cloud deployment of your technology.  Cloud solutions are usually streamlined to hit a majority of customers high points, without a ton of custom integrations. Because they are usually delivered as a hosted model, your maintenance costs are lower and you pay usage on a monthly subscription basis instead of upfront capital outlay. Your employees enjoy the benefits of a mobile work environment and your company enjoys the low cost and reduced maintenance of a managed solution.

HYBRID SOLUTIONS: Companies with virtual offices in addition to a headquarters location can benefit from a hybridized approach to solution creation.  Sonoran Integrations will help you blend solutions from both an onsite model and a cloud model, enabling all users to access needed apps from public and private clouds. Sonoran Integrations can help you select which systems best fit where in your company’s strategic needs for CapEx and OpEx budgets, to distribute IT workload, and for leveraging technology investments

If clothes make the person, then technology make the company. Make sure your systems are conveying the right image to your customers while providing the features your employees need to provide the best customer experience.

We want to partner and learn more about you.  Schedule a meeting with us today and we can help you start designing a comprehensive technology plan!




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