Does your idea of a white winter wonderland look more like a tropical beach with gleaming sand versus a pile of snow on your front lawn? Many of us dream of escaping South when winter hits, but then the reality of work and too few vacation days usually jolts us awake.

But what if it didn’t need to be that way? What if you had a powerful and reliable IT service provider that had a system which enabled you to work remotely and confidently whenever you wanted to?

At Sonoran, our LiveOp Solution is a highly stable, scalable contact center solution that quite literally takes care of itself. There is no software to purchase or equipment to worry about maintaining. Plus your voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook and Twitter platforms will all be supported with an integrated customer interaction database.

That leaves the only true tough decision – where to spend your winter working. With so many direct flights from the US to the Caribbean and Central America, many amazing locations are just mere hours away.

Here Are Our Top 3 Destination Picks for 2017:

Roatan, Honduras


Located 30 odd miles off the coast of Honduras, Roatan is a tropical island paradise that is 37 miles long. Home to the Mesoamerican barrier reef, which is the second largest in the world, the marine life and beaches are just stunning.

Once a popular pirate hiding spot, the winding mangrove coastlines, and lush jungle terrain will capture your heart and refresh your mind. Spend your days lounging on West Bay beach working on your laptop and close out your evening with a gorgeous sunset that is postcard worthy. On your downtime, the island boasts numerous scuba diving shops and many locals offer deep sea fishing and snorkeling charters.

Roatan has good, high-quality internet service and almost all rental locations in West Bay and West End include free Wi-Fi as do coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


Part of the gorgeous Pacific Guanacaste province, the Nicoya Peninsula has beautiful beaches, jungles brimming with wildlife and a laid back Pura Vida  style of living. Off the beaten path from tourist areas, it offers seclusion with access to pristine nature along with all the modern day amenities needed to make your working life comfortable.

The hot and dry climate will range from 70F-90F during the winter months but with the occasional burst of refreshing rain that will cool the air down for an afternoon. The Nicoya region is home to many stunning waterfalls, winding rivers and protected nature reserves. A must see is the beach of Ostional, where just before the new moon in winter months, hundreds to thousands of sea turtles come to nest in a special one-mile area.

For days off, nature hikes, zip lining or learning how to surf in one of Central America’s best spots awaits.

San Miguel de Allende, México


Sunny, warm and brimming with beautiful architecture with bright pastel colors, thriving culture and a robust art scene, San Miguel de Allende is perfect for those looking for the sun but in a cosmopolitan environment. Entire days can be spent wandering admiring the local sculptures, art galleries, amazing restaurants and traditional craft markets.

With a population of 145,000 and located 165 miles from Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende lies in the hilly central highlands with a thriving expat community and you can easily get by without speaking Spanish. The high desert climate brings hot days with cool refreshing evening temperatures.

Recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, your downtime can be spent strolling along the cobblestone roads, photographing exquisite colonial architecture and watching the sunset over the city from one of the many rooftop bars.

This winter is just the beginning. With a LiveOps Engage solution from Sonoran, an exciting new remote work destination can await you each and every time you feel like fleeing a snowfall. No matter where you are, you have the ability to connect and seamlessly manage your operation.

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