Forward-thinking companies are ditching their hardware, dropping their phone carrier lines, and moving communications to the cloud to utilize voice as a service (VaaS). What’s causing this mass migration?

Here are just a few reasons that companies of all sizes are making this strategic move, and why it might be beneficial for you, too:

 1Reduced Costs

piggy bank savings

  • Eliminate phone lines, trunks or circuits: If you are using voice as a service- you no longer need your incoming phone lines- whether they be analog, digital, PRI, SIP…whatever.  Your voice traffic will now go out over the internet.  This in itself represents a significant savings for most companies.
  • Drop hardware and software support and maintenance costs: No need for this expense anymore, either.  Let the provider service their own equipment, and you use it without any of the maintenance worry.
  • Streamline multiple applications, multi-vendor products and solutions into one service: Another lift for your budget- not having to pay for multiple applications and programs anymore.  Since most hosted voice providers are offering a rich feature set bundled together (referred to as Unified Communications, or UC/UCaaS), by signing up for voice as a service, you may also be getting video and web conferencing, instant messaging, electronic faxing, call recording, and much more.  

2. Improved Productivityteamwork

  • Gain access to advanced features and capabilities: As mentioned above, most carriers bundle many features together into their voice service- features that would have been very cost prohibitive to deploy on a premise based system.  These features can make a real difference when it comes to productivity and ease of communication, making it possible for even tiny companies to operate just like an enterprise.
  • Remote workforce: No need for VPN tunnels or costly dedicated lines when you deploy voice as a service. As long as there is access to the internet, your workforce can function from just about anywhere. 
  • Mobility: Use your mobile device as thought it were your desk phone- allowing for on the go communications while preserving your privacy. In a a traditional premise phone system, this would require separate servers and routers, along with professional programming and installation. When you migrate to the cloud, however, its as easy as downloading an app and logging in.
  • Conferencing: Set up voice, web, and video conferences with ease and without third party programs and services.
  • Reassign IT/telecom staff to more strategic tasks: This is a big one for most companies. With voice as a service, your IT staff can focus on the job they were hired to do rather than dealing with the technical needs and maintenance of an in-house system.

3. Increased Agilityaction-adult-agile-316769

  • Enable greater flexibility at times of rapid growth and/or downsizing:  Without equipment, it is easy to add, remove, or change locations as your organization grows, shrinks or moves.
  • Add users, locations quickly:  A new hire can be up and running in a matter of minutes, and a new location almost as quickly. Since you simply log into an online portal to manage your account or deal with the carrier directly for included, support, these changes no longer require man hours and expense.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience5 stars

  • Increased call capacity: Traditional calling requires a line for every phone call…so at busy times, customers may not be able to get through.  With voice as a service, each extension can handle multiple incoming calls, so your company never misses a sale.
  • Greater call handling options: with the enhanced features built into hosted phone systems’ software, handling multiple calls is a breeze.  You can see if coworkers are available with a glance, and drag and drop calls into another extension to make sure they get answered. This greatly increases customer satisfaction while making life easier for employees.
  • Improve business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities: Since the equipment that runs your phone system resides in a separate and secure location, hosted systems alleviate potential problems caused by outages and system failures. No loner will you need to fear losing valuable business from down phone lines or weather related interruptions.

Streamline your operations while reducing costs and improving customer experience with voice as a service.

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