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You have goals to meet and growth initiatives to achieve.

Reaching these objectives requires that your organization has the right technology in place to:

  • maximize customer satisfaction

  • enhance communication channels for increased growth

  • optimize employee efficiency

  • allow for agility and future changes

With hundreds of technology and telecom choices and options, however, who has time to find the right solution?

You need a neutral technology advisor who can source, negotiate, and implement the solutions that will equip your organization to reach its potential.

Here’s why you should take a few minutes to talk with us:

  • 40+ years industry experience

  • Insider information and pricing on 200+ solutions

  • Neutral solution consultants who are experts at discerning the nuances of your operation requirements

  • Highly-skilled technicians who can carry out installation, maintenance, and support of communication system platforms

  • Only available for a limited time

  • Valuable efficiency insights and money saving tips

We treat your business like it’s our business.

Dealing with phone, internet and wireless carriers, vendors, manufacturers and high-pressure salespeople takes your valuable time. Educating yourself on every possible option and then overseeing the installation of your chosen solution costs you and your team significantly.

Use our team to:

  • research all options and vendors

  • compile cost and feature comparisons

  • negotiate contract costs and terms

  • manage the project for a smooth implementation

Save Time and Money

Your business depends on communication, but are your communication systems helping or hindering your growth? Let us make sure you have the right systems at the right price.

We have the ability to:

  • map the services available to your location

  • find out if you are getting the best speed/price on current contracts

  • source, negotiate, and implement any improvements

  • manage the project for a smooth implementation

Here’s what some of our customers say

“Sonoran Integrations is more than a service provider; they are a part of your team. Previous firms dropped the ball so many times or made us wait for answers and assistance. It’s never like that with Sonoran Integrations- they honestly take your needs/wants and figure out a solution that will work for you. Choosing Sonoran Integrations is a no-brainer.”

-Southeast Directional Drilling

“Sonoran Integrations has a highly skilled staff that is ready to support you 100% of the time at a moment’s notice. Their entire team always “has our back” to help with anything that comes up. They have become our top-notch remote team, providing a level of support that is very hard to find in today’s world.”

- Barfield Inc.

“Having access 24/7 to someone that can resolve problems in a timely fashion is the biggest benefit with Sonoran Integrations. If you want a company that “knows their stuff”, and is will work with you side by side through implementation or ongoing support and growth, this is the company. You will always feel like their number one priority.”

-Mygrant Glass

“From the very beginning, it has been an awesome experience working with Sonoran Integrations. They exceeded our expectations at every turn. We have never been able to have a great relationship with a phone vendor in the past, but moving to Sonoran has been a great experience. If you are on the fence, save yourself the trouble and pick Sonoran. They actually CARE about the customer and getting the solution right.”

-Southwest Service Administrators

“Working with Sonoran Integrations means getting a complete solution- not just hardware and service, but even down to the internet provider. I don’t have to worry anymore, because they are always available when I need them, and respond quickly with experienced technicians who solve the issue on the first try.”

-Dial Manufacturing

“Thanks to Sonoran Integrations in navigating us to the right telco solution, we were able to react instantly to the pandemic situation, and are currently 100% remote! All of our teammates are healthy as well.”

-Merchants Information Solutions

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