To most people, the term “traditional telecom” conjures an image landline phones and perhaps old-fashioned telephone poles. Telecom companies provided a way for people to communicate with others instantly over long distances. These connections were achieved through laying hundreds of thousands of miles of cable above and below ground and underwater.


The cloud is the hottest thing to happen in the telecommunications industry since IP based communications started to replace the “plain old telephone” service. Today’s telecom now is expanded to include data, audio, video, and audio streams. Unfortunately, with this expansion of data flow, some of the dinosaur-like traditional telecom providers continued to focus on their traditional offering of service delivery: wires and landlines.


The Great Shift

With businesses and individuals adopting the Internet for their day to day communication needs, it certainly seems to make sense that telecom providers would also make that transition.


Some telecom companies saw the writing on the wall – maybe not immediately, but earlier than others who refused to give up their landline offering. These “early adopters” started offering telecom packages with Internet and a landline even if consumers weren’t using the landline. Soon after, they ditched the landlines and offered Voice Over IP (VoIP) numbers as part of their packages.


As technology improved, the packages became less dependent on the physical cables (you do still need the cables for the most part, but their capabilities and the way data was transferred changed) and shifted to the cloud.


What are Cloud Telecom Providers?

Ultimately, this shift led to the birth of a new kind of telecom company – the cloud telecom company. Simply put, a cloud telecom provider offers telephone and computing services over the Internet.

What a cloud provider does differently is that they change the architecture behind the services. Instead of placing the burden of hardware on every individual location, servers are centralized in data centers. Many carriers are involved in the cloud as without connectivity the cloud doesn’t work.


What Kind of Services do Cloud Providers Offer?

Cloud services include any service made available to users on demand via the Internet. Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services.


Examples of cloud services include online data storage, backup solutions, Web-based email services, hosted office suites, VoIP telephone service, just to name a few. Like traditional premise based solutions, it connects you and your business to the outside world. The difference is that the hardware is managed off site with the providers hardware and data centers.


Selecting a Package

For the most part, cloud providers typically display only a few solutions to choose from. Sonoran Integrations has looked deeper into full Solutions. We have some traditional telecommunication customers now looking for a full solution that includes SD-WAN, software applications, offsite redundant storage backup solutions.


The benefits of the cloud is the ability for Sonoran Integrations to be your trusted advisor. We can help you select the correct solution. Instead of being tied to one vendor, we can bring together a complete cloud solution that meets our customer’s business needs. Ultimately this comes from innovation, and the skills that the Sonoran team brings to the table.


Sonoran Integrations – Far Beyond Traditional

Few providers go beyond the basics like we do at Sonoran. In addition to providing connectivity solutions, cloud applications and VoIP, we offer exceptional support to our clients. It is our belief that four core factors are necessary to deliver optimal solutions that will allow businesses to thrive. Sonoran’s four factors are Consulting, Implementation, Integration and Management.


We help craft our services to match the unique needs of every business through our comprehensive consulting service, where we tailor our approach to your individual requirements, considering any infrastructure you may have already created.


As a ShoreTel Gold Partner we have the capacity to deliver exactly the telecom solution you need: We can provide premise systems, cloud systems, or hybrid that precisely align with your current infrastructure and needs, as well as future growth considerations.


Beyond telephony integration with your current systems, we also provide internet service / PRI and voice services, and can offer managed services as well as provide cloud offerings and hosting services located in a centralized data center.


Once we’ve analyzed your needs and have agreed on an implementation plan, we will seamlessly manage your integration phase, provide all necessary training and employee support to ensure you have the services you need, and that they are provided consistently and completely to your expectations.


To learn more about our services and how we can help your business, get in touch with us today!