biz travelThe pandemic has forced many businesses to allow employees to work remotely indefinitely.
This has led to a lot of changes in the way we work, but what does it mean for business travel?
In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways that technology is changing business travel.

There are many considerations when planning business travel, such as: social distancing regulations, determining the mode of transportation (ride shares, flights, or taxis), mask mandates and group gatherings. The changes of business travel are inevitable, but you may question what else should you expect for business travel in the upcoming years?

With an increasingly digital era, plenty of things will change and develop such as:

Internet of Things

How would you like to be able to control your hotel room, such as the thermostat, lights, or even the door lock all from your phone? IoT technology allows customers to do just this when traveling. By upgrading temperature control, locks, window coverings, lights and more through internet-enabled sensors, your smart phone becomes the universal remote for your entire space.

Cyber Security

Corporate travelers have become a prime target for cyber security attacks, so companies need to pay close attention to ways to prevent these attacks. This could be by setting up employees with a VPN, and a personal WiFi device before traveling. If an employee needs a personal hotspot device temporarily for their trip, companies may want to invest in a hotspot which provides them with personal WiFi and the added security of a VPN. This will prevent the risk and incalculable damage that can come from connecting to shared wifi in hotels and public spaces.



AI Chatbots

Artificial intelligence chatbots are a resourceful tool for helping to assist high volume people with pre-programmed answers. Some AI has even been programmed to allow you to book your reservation without assistance from the human; they also work well as travel agents during business trips! So while navigating through a new town may have caused some difficulties before, now that’s all behind us thanks again to our awesome little friend who is always there when we need him most.

Virtual Reality

With the use of Virtual Reality, companies can now offer prospective customers access to their products before they’ve even booked! This is an amazing tool for both property owners and convention planners. VR makes virtual tours of meeting rooms, event venues, apartments and properties possible before committing.

Contactless Payments

Using mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay has been a huge improvement in convenience and reducing germ-transfer touching grimy public surfaces. What began as a convenience and a health improvement is now helping increase the flow of commuter traffic in densely populated areas like New York City. In a world where time is money, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has installed contactless payment methods at subway turnstiles for faster processing and if you forget your MetroCard? Don’t worry–you won’t miss any trains! This new system makes it easy as can be with business professionals constantly moving between meetings across town.



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